Process Monitor Log Analyzer

Process Monitor Log Analyzer LogoProcess Monitor is a good tool to detect missing files of your application. However, the process to find the one which is causing the issue is tedious. Starting from the bottom, you go through all the files which have a “Path not found” or “Name not found” error message.

We have automated this process and are glad to give you a convenient tool that displays all files which had at least one error. The result is grouped by process and sorted by the number of  errors descending, so typically the culprit is listed on top, like in the screenshot:

Process Monitor Log Analyzer Screenshot

Process Monitor Log Analyzer Screenshot

We’re also merging DLL, EXE and SYS files into one category, since those typically belong together. This makes the result even better.

Steps to use Process Monitor Log Analyzer:

  1. Start SysInternals Process Monitor
  2. Set a filter for your process to get rid of other noise
  3. Reproduce the issue, typically just run your application
  4. Save the Process Monitor result as XML file
  5. Load the XML file in Log Analyzer

You can filter the events by right-clicking one of the grouping boxes and selecting “Filter Editor…”.


Procmon Log Analyzer Setup (6.5 MB)


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System requirements

  • .NET framework 4.5 (not included in the installer)
  • Windows Vista SP2 or higher (tested on Windows 7 SP1 x64, 8.1 x32 and 10 x64 Preview)