VMware Workstation Setup: invalid drive D:\

When I tried to update VMWare 10.0.3 to the latest 10.0.7 I got an error message telling me that drive D: is invalid. In the msi.install.log file, I could read

MSI (s) (F0:78) [23:54:34:958]: Note: 1: 1327 2: D:\ 
Action start 23:54:34: CostFinalize.
MSI (s) (F0:78) [23:54:34:958]: Product: VMware Workstation -- Error 1327. Invalid Drive: D:\
Error 1327. Invalid Drive: D:\

My Google search returned a VMWare webpage which explains that the problem is related to UserShellFolders – which in my case turned out to be completely legitimate values. Many other sources gave the same answer, which was not helpful for me.

So I tried to resolve it myself and restarted the installation with Process Monitor running. After the problem happened, I searched the log for D:\ and it turned out that there is a Registry key at

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\VMware, Inc.\Installer\VMware Workstation

which contains a value “DATASTORE_PATH” that points to a directory for virtual machines. Correcting that path resulted in a working installation. If I knew that before, I could also have found out in the MSI log file, since the datastore path is mentioned:

Property(S): DATASTORE_PATH.9F27F70C_3D9B_4082_8801_88387445C782 = D:\Virtual PCs\VMWare\SharedVMs

Anyway, it was a straight-forward debugging session and I’m glad it worked.