WinDbg exception codes

People sometimes wonder what exception number is behind the event codes of WinDbg. Since I didn’t find a list in WinDbg’s help file, I post a list here. Many error codes are defined in NtStatus.h. Some of the codes are still missing; if you know it or find anything else missing, you can send an email to where yyyy-mm-dd is the current date.

WinDbg event code Exception number
3c (port disconnected) 0xC0000037
If you want to break on 0x0000003C, specify 0x3c
aph (Application hang) 0xCFFFFFFF
asrt (Assertion failure) 0xC0000420
av (Access Violation) 0xC0000005
bpe (Break instruction) 0x80000003
bpec (Break instruction continue) N/A, just defines how to continue bpe
cce (Control-C / Control-Break exception) 0x40010008 / 0x40010005
WinDbg seems to have the same name for both.
If you want to break on 0x00000CCE, specify 0xcce
cc (Control-C / Control-Break continue) If you want to break on 0x000000CC, specify 0xcc
ch (Invalid handle) 0xC0000008
clr (.NET exception) 0xE0434F4D
This is “.COM” in ASCII.
clrn (CLR notification) 0xE0444143
This is “.DAC” in ASCII.
dm (Data misaligned) 0x80000002
dbce (Debugger command exception) 0x40010009
dz (Divide by zero) 0xC0000094
eh (C++ EH exception) 0xE06D7363
This is “.MSC” in ASCII
gp (Guard page violation) 0x80000001
hc (Handle continue) N/A, just defines how to continue ch
ii (Illegal instruction) 0xC000001D
iov (Integer overflow) 0xC0000095
isc (Invalid system call) 0xC000001C
lsq (Lock sequence invalid) 0xC000001E
rto (Runtime originate error) 0x40080201
rtt (Runtime transform error)
sbo (Stack buffer overrun) 0xC0000409
sov (Stack overflow) 0xC00000FD
Note that there is also another stack overflow exception,
0xE053534F (ASCII “.SSO”)
svh (Service hang)
sse (Single step execution) 0x80000004
ssec (Single step continue) N/A, just defines how to continue sse
vcpp (Visual C++) 0x406D1388
vs (Verifier stop) 0xC0000421
wkd (Wake debugger) 0x80000007
wob (WOW breakpoint) 0x4000001F
wos (WOW single step) 0x4000001E

The following events are not exceptions, so they have no exception number:

WinDbg event code Exception number
ct (Create thread) N/A
cpr (Create process) N/A
ct (Create thread) N/A
epr (Exit process) N/A
et (Exit thread) N/A
ibr (Initial breakpoint) N/A
iml (Initial module load) N/A
ld (Load module) N/A
out (Debug output) N/A
ser (System error) N/A
ud (Unload module) N/A